The basic concepts and classification of medicinal hollow capsules

As one of the main excipients of capsule medicines, medicinal hollow capsules are an important pharmaceutical excipient. Pharmaceutical excipients refer to excipients and additives used in the production of pharmaceuticals and prescriptions. They are substances that have been reasonably evaluated for safety in addition to the active ingredient and are contained in pharmaceutical preparations. The functions of medicinal excipients mainly include: facilitating the processing of drug release systems during the preparation of pharmaceutical preparations, improving the stability, bioavailability and patient compliance of pharmaceutical preparations, improving the safety during storage or application, and Effectiveness.
The medicinal hollow capsule is a hard and elastic hollow capsule composed of two parts of a cap and a body which can be fitted and locked, and has a cylindrical shape. According to different sizes of cap and body, medicinal hollow capsules can be divided into 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4# and other models. According to "The Gelatin Hollow Capsules> Association Standard" issued by China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association (YBX-2000-2007)