Culture is the lifeblood of sustainable development of enterprises. Tianlong always emphasis on corporate culture, instill the corporate values and operation philosophy into staffs in order to create a team with high cohesion and great loyalty. The working enthusiasm and creativity of everyone provides the continual power for the company’s development.

【Vision】Create first-class brand, cultivate hundred years enterprise

【Mission】Focus on capsule industry, and lead the capsule industry

【Guidelines】Honesty and Credibility First

【Purpose】To create wealth and social benefits

【Strategy】Found the company with integrity, promote with innovation

【Motto】Honestly, diligently and pursuit of excellence

【Work style】Honest behavior, civilized and harmonious environment

【Product concept】Constantly strive for perfection, and pursuit of excellence

【Customer concept】Wholeheartedly sincere

【Talents concept】Honestly work hard and profession