Poison pill event

Oriental Time Editor  Reported that some gelatin manufacturers manufacture medicinal capsules from leather scraps. The purchase of these capsule products by pharmaceutical companies involves nine pharmaceutical companies.
The poison capsule incident has recently aroused widespread concern in the society. [1] A research report was issued on April 16, commenting on this issue. The research report believes that cracking down on pharmaceutical frauds is conducive to establishing a healthy medical industry and conducive to the long-term healthy development of the industry. The country urgently needs to increase its investment in medicine and health. Practice has proved that the “low price theory” of medicine bidding is not desirable in practical operation. It is one of the factors that have spawned “counterfeit medicine” and “bad medicine”. It is necessary to guide the pharmaceutical industry towards health. The direction of development also depends on the state to increase investment in health care. The real problem of the contradiction between doctors and patients lies in the fact that there is a big gap between the growing demand for medical care and government investment in health care. The government must increase its investment in health care, protect and further enhance the people's medical and health needs, and let the social constructors share the fruits of development.
In response to reports from the media that Huaxing and Zhuokang two capsule factories were suspected of using industrial gelatin to produce medicinal capsules, Shanghai Securities issued research report comments. The report believes that industrial gelatin pharmaceutical capsules are of great harm, and the standardization of medicinal excipients is imperative. This will benefit leading companies. According to the report, along with the specifications of the pharmaceutical gelatin market, Qinghai Gelatin and Dongbao Bio that produce regular pharmaceutical gelatin in the A-share market will benefit, while leading players in the auxiliary materials industry, such as Ercon Pharmaceutical, will also benefit. Benefit the industry boom.