Types of Vegetarian Empty Capsules

Vegetarian hollow capsules are mainly classified according to the type of film-forming agent.
The film-forming agent is a polymer that can form a continuous film in the plain hard capsule, and generally accounts for the largest proportion in the plain hard capsule. The most studied vegetarian capsules at this stage are the vegetarian polysaccharide capsules based on pullulan and seaweed polysaccharides, the starch capsules with modified potato starch, corn starch and tapioca starch as the main raw materials and the hypromellose as the main raw material. HPMC capsules.
Vegetarian capsules with HPMC as the main raw material are the least difficult to promote. Compared with other kinds of hollow capsules, HPMC hollow capsules are easier to form film and more stable. HPMC capsules can maintain stable hardness, elasticity and appearance properties under different temperature and humidity conditions.
Starch hollow capsules have good stability and the lowest basic cost. But due to its fragility, it is not easy to produce.
Pullulan hollow capsules are brighter. However, due to its sensitivity to humidity and temperature, it cannot be widely used. This is also the most expensive vegetarian capsule available.
HPMC hollow capsules are the most popular and widely used plant hollow capsules in the world.