Did you choose the right capsule?

Liquid hard capsules: capsule-type solutions for poorly water-soluble, high-efficiency drugs.
We may be familiar with hard capsules in solid forms, such as powders and granules; liquid and semi-solids may be less common by comparison.
If a molecule has one or more properties such as poor water solubility, high activity, low melting point, and short half-life, then a liquid or semi-solid formulation is a very suitable choice. For these types of contents, hard capsules offer significant advantages in terms of product stability and ease of development and production.
On the market, HPMC capsules are available for liquid prescriptions. The formulation of liquid matrix is generally divided into four categories, which should be selected according to the main properties of the formulation, optimal absorption characteristics and physical and chemical properties, such as viscosity, water content, and temperature required for filling. In addition, the compatibility of the excipients in the formulation is one of the key factors affecting the stability of the formulation.