Developmental Forms of Medicine and History of Capsule Shells

1. Plant roots and herbs
It is said that people have begun to use natural resources to treat diseases during the period of human history.
2. Natural medicine dry
Preservation and ease of carrying people started cutting and drying natural medicines.
3. Powder and liquid formula
Due to the invention of extraction technology, developed countries began to produce powder and liquid extract medicines from the 19th century.
4. Soft and hard capsules
The word "capsule" comes from the Latin "capsule", which means a small box or container.
In 1500 BC, the first capsule was born in Egypt.
In 1730, pharmacists in Vienna began to make capsules from starch.
In 1834, the capsule production technology was patented in Paris.
In 1846, patented the manufacturing technology of two-piece hard capsules in France.
In 1872, the first capsule manufacturing and filling machine was born in France.
In 1874, the industry to produce hard capsules arose in Detroit.
In 1888, Parker Davis received a patent for the manufacture of hard capsules in Detroit.
In 1931, the production rate of capsules reached 10,000 hollow capsules per hour.