Enteric-coated gelatin hollow capsules

Intestinal localization of administration to reduce adverse reactions.
◆Targeted fixed-point release:
The gastric juice will not disintegrate for two hours without cracks, and the disintegrated drug will be released within 30 minutes in the intestinal juice, which provides a perfect solution for protein peptide drugs and live bacteria preparations.
Enteric-coated gelatin hollow capsules are targeted capsule products made of gelatin and enteric-coated materials that do not disintegrate in gastric juice, but only disintegrate in intestinal juice. It is often used for special packaging of medicines or health care products that are irritating to the stomach or unstable when exposed to acid, and need to be dissolved in the intestines and exert curative effects. Intestinal positioning can improve the curative effect of drugs and reduce the dosage, at the same time, it can reduce the adverse reactions, which is convenient for patients to use; it can also avoid the degradation of oral protein peptide drugs or health products to provide them with absorption sites.