What is the main difference between industrial gelatin and medicinal gelatin?


Industrial gelatin and medicinal gelatin have no differ […]

Industrial gelatin and medicinal gelatin have no difference in composition, but there are strict differences in use and quality control. Industrial gelatin is widely used in various products in the industries of sheet metal, furniture, matches, feed, packaging, paper, textile, silk, printing and dyeing, printing, ceramics, petroleum, daily chemicals, coatings, metallurgy, etc. , stability, cohesion, reconciliation, glazing, sizing, bonding, solid water and so on.
In order to reduce production costs, some companies use leather waste as raw materials to produce industrial gelatin. Medicinal gelatin is mainly used in the manufacture of hollow capsules. Since the capsules are eaten into the human body with the medicine, higher requirements are placed on the quality of the medicinal gelatin, and the main purpose is to reduce impurities.
The production of medicinal gelatin cannot use leather waste to avoid the harm caused by impurities such as lead and chromium brought in by the leather in the tannery through the chromium salt tanning process. Therefore, chromium limit determination has been added to the quality standards of medicinal gelatin.