What are the factors that affect the taste of children's medicines?


The taste of medicines is varied. The type of the compo […]

The taste of medicines is varied. The type of the compound itself, the taste of the ingredients, etc. may affect the taste of the drug. Deng Ang, a clinical pharmacy department of the Pharmacy Department of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said that children feel the best about sweetness. Therefore, it is often necessary to add a sweet taste flavoring agent to the oral preparation to mask the unpleasant taste of the medicine, and some medicines may add some flavoring agent to make the medicine emit orange flavor, strawberry flavor and the like.
In general, the effects of the dosage form modification or the drug after the taste of the drug are confirmed by evaluation, and the difference in taste generally does not determine the efficacy of the drug. The curative effect is closely related to the patient's condition, the dosage of the drug, the dosage form, the route of administration, the dosage, and the like. In many cases, the efficacy of the drug is also related to the individual difference of the child.
Chinese patent medicine is mostly bitter
A person in charge of a pharmaceutical company in China said that the ingredients of Chinese patent medicines are complex, with a lot of medicinal taste and bitterness. After the improvement of the process, the taste will be improved, but the taste of the prescriptions cannot be completely masked. Some are not suitable for adding flavors or Sugar is taken together, so there is an objective reason why the taste of Chinese patent medicines is difficult to improve.
Different dosage forms, taste differences
The same medicine, different dosage forms, there are also differences in taste. For example, Deng Ang said that children's commonly used antipyretic "acetaminophen" drops and chewable tablets have a slightly different taste. The commonly used child diarrhea drug "montmorillonite powder" also has the difference between ordinary sweetness and strawberry flavor. The dosage form of cold and heat-clearing granules is also divided into sugar and sugar-free.