What are the drugs that are prone to photochemical degradation?(2)


Sodium nitroprusside Sodium nitroprusside is a fast-act […]

Sodium nitroprusside
Sodium nitroprusside is a fast-acting antihypertensive drug with unstable aqueous solution. Decomposition accelerates under illumination. Clinically, 5% glucose injection was used to prepare 0. 05% sodium nitroprusside solution, and it was decomposed by 13.5% in sunlight for 10 minutes. The color also began to change, and the pH decreased. Under room light, the half-life was 4h. . Sodium nitroprusside is irradiated with light to form an excited state of sodium nitroprusside. It is then decomposed into hydrated potassium ferricyanide and nitrogen oxides. The hydrated potassium ferricyanide is further decomposed to produce toxic hydrocyanic acid and Prussian blue. Therefore, the injection should be prepared before use, protected from light, and used up within 12 hours.