What are the drugs that are prone to photochemical degradation? (4)


Thiazide Such as: promethazine hydrochloride, chlorprom […]

Such as: promethazine hydrochloride, chlorpromazine hydrochloride, under the action of light, metal ions, oxygen, it is easy to oxidize and discolor. Clinically, 4 mL of compound chlorpromazine was added to 250 mL of glucose sodium chloride bagged infusion, and the vein was slowly dripped for about 40 hours. It was found that blue flocculent-like substance appeared above the infusion set terminal filter. The substance was observed as a cloud-like blue mass under a high power microscope without crystals and particulate matter. Mix with the same batch of glucose sodium chloride and the same amount of compound chlorpromazine, keep it in the dark for 24h, the liquid is clear, no change; then the bag infusion is directly exposed to light for about 1h, then the blue floc appears. Block-like substance, 2h whole bag infusion showed more flocculent blue agglomerate-like substance, the shape and color were similar to the clinical appearance, and the color gradually became darker with the passage of time. Eventually a reddish brown solution. Therefore, the concentration of compound chlorpromazine used for intravenous drip should not be too high, and it should be used up in a short time as soon as possible. It is not advisable to use the drug for a long time to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the drug.