The role of the capsule shell


I believe that many of us have grown up with the words […]

I believe that many of us have grown up with the words "drinking", called "good medicine and bitterness." In fact, for everyone now, good medicine is not "bitter", because of the appearance of capsule shells, bitter medicine has long been a thing of the past. However, there are still many people who have doubts about the capsule medicine, and think that it will affect the exertion of the drug effect and the digestion of the human gastrointestinal tract may not be good, so they will throw away the shell of the capsule medicine. Only the end of the capsule or the granules in the capsule.
Is this practice really worthy of admiration? This is not the case. The oral harm alone is very harmful to the body. What is the matter?
The medicine in the capsule shell is best not taken out and taken alone! Otherwise the consequences are very dangerous!
There are several purposes for packaging the drug or the granules in a capsule shell:
1. Because the drug has a special odor, or is acidic or alkaline or bitter, with the capsule shell as a cover, it can completely avoid these problems, allowing the drug to reach the drug site and function.
2. Encapsulation of the drug in the capsule shell can reduce the stimulating effect of the drug on the mucous membranes such as throat, esophagus and gastrointestinal.
3. Avoid the drug being swallowed by saliva before it reaches the treatment site to prevent the drug from lowering.
If you arbitrarily throw the capsule shell away, let's not say that it will reduce the effect of the drug. If the drug is inhaled into the respiratory tract, it may cause life-threatening. This is not worth the loss.